Autoimmune Atherosclerosis In 3D

Autoimmune Atherosclerosis In 3D


Join the 2018 Congress on Autoimmunity in Lisbon to learn about Autoimmune and angiogenic biomarkers of autoimmune atherosclerosis from Prof. Zoltán Szekanecz (Hungary). 

Prof. Zoltán Szekanecz is studying the genetics and autoantibodies in RA, spondyloarthritides and scleroderma. In addition, his major focus is comorbidities, particularly cardiovascular, osteoporosis and malignancies, associated with rheumatic diseases.

Watch Prof. Szekanecz's plenary lecture from Autoimmunity 2016 to learn how Autoimmune Atherosclerosis develops, how it is diagnosed, and how to treat it


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