Support Categories & Benefits

Support Categories & Benefits

You will be given a support category status dependent upon the total amount of your support contribution. The total contribution will consist of items such as advertisements, sponsored sessions and exhibition space (excluding storage space). 

You will benefit from outstanding advantages linked to your s​upporter category. 


Benefits will be allocated to supporters based on the following table:




Final list of participants (after the Conference) Includes only participants who agree to share information



Conference registrations



Supporter's logo with hyperlink on Conference website & mobile website 

Supporter's logo in the Program

Acknowledgement on Supporters' Board on-site

*Exhibitors booking space with a contribution less than 12,000 Euros will be acknowledged as "Exhibitors"
*Supporters with a support of minimum 5.000 Euros up to 11,999 Euros will be acknowledged as "Contributors"
*Supporters with less then 5,000 Euros will not be acknowledged