Participants feedback

Thanks to you, Yehuda, we were finally able to meet again after two years of separation… Is was really a great moment of reunion…. Nothing is better for exchanging and “inventing” than to be face to face, ideas always emerge from enthusiastic dialogues!

Thank you for allowing us to have these auspicious and happy moments. In a few minutes, we can solve complicated things, reframe plans and make things work better.

Dear Professor Shoenfeld,
I thank you for organizing a very dynamic and influential Congress and being so influential mentor for me and so many other doctors of the young generations!

Dear Prof. Shoenfeld
Thanks a lot for inviting me to participate in the Athens Autoimmunity meeting organized by you. It was an outstanding meeting from scientific point of view and the wonderful get-together event.

Athens was a great idea to choose for the conference, the origin of the western culture and democracy which one can feel in the city. Finally I saw scientists, which I did not meet for more than 3 years, in real life and not only in the cold zoom….

Learn from experts

The 13th International Congress on Autoimmunity is returning to Athens. Join us in person to learn, grow and network with renowned professionals. We will discuss the newest therapeutic techniques and diagnostic tools as well as the most up-to-date research and novel therapies of autoimmune diseases.

See you in Athens, 10-13 June 2022!


Expand your knowledge of autoimmunity with the latest scientific information


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